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  • If you need Sri Lanka or Maldives flight information region (FIR) specific information​​
  • If you have a query, comment or suggestion
  • If you like to join vACCSRM controllers team

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At vACCSRM ...

1. All your correspondence is handled by real people. We do not use automated replies, and you are not sending messages to machines. We personally attend to all your requests as we believe in the human touch.

2. We do not act like a big brother to scrutinize all your action because all our flying gears are not identical. Vatsim flying is a hobby to you as well as to us. We trust that you will operate all flights as realistic and accurate as possible, within your capabilities.

3. Without your permission we do not reveal your personal and flying data to a third party.

That is vACCSRM's specialty.




Director vACCSRM Imal Mille (ACCSRM1) - I1 / P2
Operations Director Nishan Kannangara - P2
Events Director Pasindu Fernando (ACCSRM3) - C3
Training Director Imal Mille (ACCSRM1) - I1 / P2
Ops Manager, Sri Lanka
Ops Manager, Maldives
Web designer Gayanga Millevithanatchy
Social Media Manager Baran Guener

We have vacancies for controllers and trainee controllers.

If you are interested please contact us.


vACCSRM Controllers

1023046 Andrew Kiy Supervisor MDV
1102697 Imal Mille I1 SLK
1165770 Pasindu Fernando C3 SLK
1301198 Mohamed Hameed C1 MDV
1112329 Austin Vibbard S2 MDV
1114760 Don Guy Student SLK
1224249 Pradeepa Ariyadasa S2 SLK
1243604 Randula Ratnayake Student SLK
1260323 Gayanga Millevithanatchy Student SLK
1268035 Ho Man Leung Student MDV
1180739 Eric McCarthy S2 MDV
1257878 Aneesh Mexx S3 SLK
1302551 Shimal Ahmed S1 MDV
1194659 Alan Cooke C1 MDV
849479 Phill Powell C1 MDV
1261900 James Field S2 MDV


Tower: "November 2115L, are you a Cessna?"
2115L: "No, sir...I am a male Hispanic."


ATC: SIA345 continue taxi holding position 26L via Tango check for workers along taxiway

AC: SIA345 Taxi 26L via Tango. Workers checked - all are working


CTR: "Nova 895 contact Mattala on 127.15"
ARN871: "Over to 127.12, for Nova 871. We'll talk to you later."
CTR: "Maybe sooner than you think."
(a few seconds pass...)
ARN871: "Uh, Center, they didn't want to talk to us on 127.12..."
CZQM: "See what I mean?"


vACCSRM Visiting Controllers

Necmi T Silistireli C1 / Sup, Vatco Scandinavia-1008925
Baran Guener S2 / vACC Austria-1249206
Sebastian Gosch C1 / vACC Germany-1221456
Utkarsh Dhawan S3 / Vatind-1131262
Michal Majerczuk S3 / vACC Estonia-1091056
Marc Hallmann S1 / vACC Germany-1249205
Anastasios Stefopoulos SUP / VATSEA-901134
Matthew Wilton S2 / Vatind-1278455
Hardik Singh S2 / Vatind-1226652
Mrinal Thakkar C1 / Vatind-1154119
Luca Sorbello C1 / Vateud-1103919
Relja Zaric S1 / vACC Croatia-1299564
Mirza Samnani S3 / Vatusa-1263151
Anindya Benerjee C1 / Vatind-1212453
Matthew McEwen I1 / C1 vACC South Africa-1303289
Bailey Brown C1 / vACC Hong Kong-1376159
Wong Cheuk Pan S3 / 1238741

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