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vACC Maldives - Gan International

VRMF - Notams

VRMF / VRMG - Controller Files

VRMG - Local Traffic Regulations

Seaplane Operations in Gan TMA

VRMG - Gan Island Intl. Charts

Gan International News



Airport at a Glance

Gan (IATA: GAN, ICAO: VRMG) is the most populated island in Addu Atoll (also known as Seenu Atoll) and is the southernmost atoll in the Maldives.

First built by the Royal Navy, and transferred to the Royal Air Force as RAF Gan, it was a military airbase used during World War II and until 1976. The British handed it over to the government and it was used as a domestic airport. Recently the airport has been upgraded to international standards in preparation for international flights with the opening of tourist resorts in the area.

The airport was run by the Government of Maldives (GoM) with a human resource base consisting of civil servants along with technical assistance from Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL) until January 2010. In June 2009 a public enterprise by the name of Gan Airport Company Limited (GACL) was established by H.E. President Mohamed Nasheed as part of GoM's privatisation policy. GACL took over management of GIA in January 2010. A transitional stage followed with administrative restructuring which also involved formal transfer of existing civil servants into the company's new organizational structure.

To promote tourism and other economic activity in the south a new venture was formed early in 2012 to further develop and expand GIA. A joint venture was formed between GACL, MACL and State Trading Organization plc (STO). The new venture is Addu International Airport pvt ltd (AIA). Gan International Airport is now owned and managed by Addu International Airport pvt ltd. The airport elevation is 6 feet (2 m) above mean sea level. It has a single runway designated 10/28 with a concrete surface measuring 2,650 by 45 metres (8,694 148 ft). The location of Gan island is a very decisive factor in long range flight planning (ETOPS).

Time: GMT+5:30hrs (daylight saving or summer time is not applicable)



VRMF / VRMG - Notams

  • Notam 13.12.01 VRMF_CTR position serves both VRMM & VRMG arrivals and departures.
  • Notam 13.12.07 If you use VAT-Spy/Servinfo, please update data file as per the instructions here.


VRMF / VRMG - Controller Files

ATC Sector File
Alias File
Crib Sheet


VRMG - Gan International Charts

VRMG Charts

RWY 10
RWY 28


VRMG - Local Traffic Regulations

1) Parking Procedures

No aircraft stands are available. All aircraft will be guided to the respective parking spots by marshallers. In the absence of marshallers the controller will issue parking instructions on the radio.

[Click on pictures below for detailed view]


2) Taxiing to and from the main apron

All aircraft entering and exiting the main apron will be instructed by the controller about the taxiway to be followed. If another taxiway, other than the one allocated is desired, specific ATC clearance is to be obtained.

Due to the close proximity of the terminal and other associated building with the manoeuvring area, all aircraft are to avoid making tight turns and using excessive power for taxing to and from the main apron.

3) Flight Procedures

3.1 Procedures for IFR flights within Gan TMA:

The inbound, transit and outbound routes shown on the charts may be varied at the discretion of ATS. If necessary, in case of congestion, inbound aircraft may be instructed to hold at one of the designated airways reporting points.

Refer Gan International AIP.

3.2 Procedures for VFR flights within Gan TMA:

Before conducting any VFR / seaplane flight, the following details must be submitted to ATC with the flight plan.

Type of aircraft with callsign
Destination or area of operation (Ex: 25 dme, Radial 040 MLE VOR)
Desired altitude
Estimated duration of flight
Purpose of flight
Total endurance

3.3 All flights (eg: photography, training, aerial survey flights etc.) may be flown at any altitude or flight level below FL200, with ATC approval.

3.4 All flights inside or outside of controlled airspace are required to maintain continuous listening watch on the controller's frequency.

3.5 Standard VFR / seaplane departure and arrival routes are to be followed, unless instructed by ATC.

3.6 VFR flights in level cruising flight within TMA below 6000 feet shall be conducted at an altitude specified below:

Magnetic Heading 000- 179 > 500ft, 3500ft, 5500ft
Magnetic Heading 180- 359 > 1500ft, 2500ft. 4500ft


Seaplane Operations in Gan TMA


A large seaplane base is located at the waterfront of VRMG. The adjoining lagoon is frequently used by seaplanes for takeoff and landing. These are supplementary procedures applicable to seaplanes landing and taking off at VRMG Airport and other designated landing spots inside the TMA. Pilot in command shall adhere to all Visual Flight Rules and procedures given below.


Water Aerodrome at Gan International Airport

Access to the seaplane maneuvering area is subject to ATC clearance.
Note: seaplane maneouvering area comprises take-off/landing areas and adjoining channels designated for seaplane taxiing and holding.

Runway in-use

Seaplane takeoff and landing direction should as far as practicable coincide with the VRMG runway in-use.

Taxi and Takeoff

Prior to taxi pilot shall contact Gan controller and submit the flight plan information, and obtain the ATC clearance.

After takeoff aircraft to remain well clear of the Approach / Takeoff path of VRMG runway 10/28.


At ATIS-equipped airports, pilots are required to listen to the recording prior to contacting Approach Control or the tower and must repeat the "Information so-and-so" identifier when they make their initial radio call. Sometimes, the results can be hilarious...

The scenario: it was night over Las Vegas and "Information Hotel" was current on the ATIS. Mooney 33W wasn't too sharp, but he didn't let that stop him from talking to Approach Control.

Approach: "33W, confirm you have 'Hotel.'

33W: "Uhhhmm, we're flying into McCarren International. Uhhhmm, we don't have a hotel room yet."

After that, Approach was laughing too hard to respond. The next several calls went something like this call to United 583 (which didn't make it any easier to stop laughing)...

Approach: "United 583, descend to Flight Level 220."

United 583: "United 583, down to Flight Level 220. We don't have a hotel room, either."


A radar controller did a mistake in sequencing the traffic for landing, he let a Boeing 747 as number 2 behind a Cessna 172, as it looks very wierd, the B747 started to get closer to the Cessna, the controller instructed the captain of B747 to slow down 180 kts, captain did comply, after a while the controller instructed again the B747 to slow down to 160 knots, few moments later, the controller asked the captain of B747 to slow down to 130 kts! the captain asked the controller:
Capt: do you know at which speed does 747 stall?
contrl: I'm can ask the co-pilot !


(busy) Moncton Centre: "Speedbird 169 cleared direct Chibougamau"
BAW169: "I'm sorry, sir, can you repeat that?"
CZQM: "Speedbird 169 cleared direct Yankee Mike Tango"
BAW169: "Direct Yankee Mike Tango for Speedbird 169. What was that name again?"
CZQM: "It's called Chibougamau"
BAW169: "Would you say again, please?"
CZQM: "Chibougamau. I say again, Chibougamau!"
BAW169: "Oh, how quaint. What does it mean?"
CZQM: "It's Eskimo for f--- off!"


Questions via the radio should not always be answered exactly.

Tower: Aircraft in holding pattern, say fuel state?
Aircraft: Fuel state
Tower: Say again?
Aircraft: Again

After this the tower controller switches off his radio and climbs down the stairs to drink coffee the rest of the afternoon.



Gan International News

SriLankan Airlines became first international airline to fly to Gan Island.

On 1 December 2016 SriLankan flight UL119 A320 aircraft landed around 8:20am.


SriLankan receiving the water canon salute at the Gan International Airport

SriLankan operating crew of first flight