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Here you will find information on essential/optional software required to enhance your flight simulation experience. Follow the links below to visit main web sites to get full information, demos and downloads. Descriptions are provided to help you determine the function of the software.

Online Vatsim flight operations has following minimum requirements:

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator FS9, FSX, P3D, or X-Plane
  • Vatsim Pilot Membership
  • FSInn, Squawkbox or VPilot


Pilot Resources

Vatsim Flying Lessons: Learn about Instrument flying in Flight Simulator.
FSInn: Is a freeware pack which comes with numerous features and enables you to connect your Flight Sim to the VATSIM Network. FSInn has a large number of features including a radar screen, a push back feature and the ability to ensure that all other multiplayer aircraft are depicted in their correct livery. All of the information regarding FSinn and FScopilot is contained in a very good users manual.   

Squawkbox: Is an add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator that connects virtual pilots to online air traffic control networks. It adds tremendous realism to your flights by connecting you to an online world populated with virtual air traffic controllers. These controllers are real people that communicate with you on voice, handling every aspect of your flight: filing your flight plan, getting clearance, pushback, taxiing, takeoff and landing.   

vPilot: is a simple, effective client designed to get new pilots flying quickly with excellent model matching so that you can see other online pilots with the correct aircraft type and livery. Generally, it's 5-10 minutes from download to working, including setting up your model matching. Documentation is thorough. vPilot was recently released and is supported by not only the community but by the developer who continues to make feature improvements.   

FS Navigation: Aircraft Navigation tutorials devoted to Flight Simulator enthusiasts. Covers standard Air Navigation, Navigation Charts, NDB Navigation, VOR Navigation, ILS Approaches, etc. 

FS Navigation


SkyVector: Was founded in 2005 by a web developer who was learning to fly. Since then it has grown in popularity to become the number one internet destination for aeronautical charts.   

FAA link: provides to pilot training and certification concepts established by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The discussions and explanations reflect the most commonly used instrument procedures. a virtual flight planning service. Registered users gain access to a web-based dispatching system, capable of generating in-depth flight plan packages featuring accurate fuel planning, weather forecasts, current NOTAMs, ETOPS calculations, etc.

Other Utilities

Servinfo: Servinfo displays Pilot/ATC information for VATSIM. It also displays a meter and information about the route the pilot is taking. 



VAT-Spy: Is a simple application that allows you to view current ATC staffing and traffic levels on VATSIM. It is modeled after ServInfo, a very popular traffic and ATC viewer for multiple online flying networks. 

VAT - Spy



After a rather rough landing student pilot is talking to irate instructor:

"Think about it. I navigated through a boiling fluid swirling around a rotating sphere that is hurtling around a fusion reaction source at thousands of miles per hour. This system is moving in a circular motion around a black hole at who knows what speed, while the space it takes up is expanding. And I bounced 6 inches. 6 MEASLY INCHES! You need to get off my back, man!"


Teamspeak: Is software for quality voice communication via the Internet.  It is an ideal voice and text chat app for online gaming, education and training.

Vataware: Provides statistical tracking and history for pilots on the VATSIM simulated flight network.   

Air Charts: Air Charts is a rapidly expanding service for virtual aviation enthusiasts to quickly gather the most up-to-date aviation charts retrieved almost exclusively from real world aviation agencies with focus on virtual pilots and virtual controllers on the VATSIM Network.   

Vattatsic: is a completely Web-based application which shows the current status of the VATSIM network. It provides approximately the same functionality as some downloadable software does such as VAT-Spy, ServInfo, QuteScoop (for MAC and Linux), and Dolomynum.